Fifty Shades of Gray

I’m a brunette by nature. I was born that way, and have remained so for most of my life. Well, except for that one dreadful summer, circa 1980, when I accidentally hit the Sun-in spray pump a few too many times in my quest for blonde highlights. I spun so fast around the color wheel … Continue reading Fifty Shades of Gray

That’s What Makes You Middle-Aged

Yesterday, famous boy band One Direction announced the release of their new album titled “Four”, named to commemorate the fact that this is their fourth album. When news of the upcoming release  was announced, teen girls across the globe were quoted as saying, “WhooooooooooOOOOoooooooooooooo!!!!!” While the dreamy members of One Direction have always appealed to a fan base … Continue reading That’s What Makes You Middle-Aged

Me, Myself(ie) and I

This just in – Britain’s Oxford University Press, publisher of the Oxford dictionaries, has proclaimed the new term “selfie” to be the 2013 Word of the Year. Selfie is a hip new word for “a picture I’ve taken of myself to show everyone how attractive  / fun / experienced / world-traveled / lucky / awesome / self-obsessed I am”. … Continue reading Me, Myself(ie) and I